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Last year’s memories!

Organizing CFS 2020 was a real challenge, not only because it was our debut but also because of the sanitary regime we worked under to keep our participants safe.Against all odds we gathered quite the audiencethat was with us online and in the venue. Last year’s event was a success. All planned conferences, lectures, and activities went according to the plan. The best proof of our achievement is people we inspired to leave a good trace behind them!

Don't miss the most important climate summit of this year
Why is it worth it
Why is it worth it
You will learn about ongoing climate challenges and proposed solutions that could change pessimistic predictions for the world in 2050.
You get to meet experts and influencers who will gladly share their experiences and insights. You will be able to talk to them in the lobbies.
You will take part in a one-of-a-kind climate summit dedicated to the carbon footprint. You will find many eco-attractions, fairs, and activities.
The whole event is climate neutral. We invite you to come and learn what a sustainable, ecological event looks like.
participants in Cracow
participants online
CFS Participant’s profile
CFS Participant’s profile
Topics such as ecology and sustainable development are significant to you, even if you do not work in that field.
You want to get to know more about the current challenges of the climate crisis.
You want to be involved in the ecological discourse and take an active part in creating a climate-neutral future.
You want to spend your free time productively and get inspired by a sustainable environment.
Maybe you are looking for an employer, who besides making money, also focuses on pro-environmental and prosocial behaviour.
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About the conference
One event, many activities

International conference

It is the most important part of the program. The International Conference consists of several lectures, which will give the experts of many disciplines around climate change and environmental protection.

FJF Partner Area

In this area, you will meet the companies, which their activity support sustainability and strive to reduce their carbon emissions. It is a perfect place to talk with the representatives about the implementation of innovations

Panel discussion

The interchange of experiences takes place not only behind the scenes. On the CFS stages, business meets activists and scientists, to jointly discuss contemporary problems and proposals for their solutions.

Workshop area

For the participants to take good practices home, we have prepared many workshops that not only develop useful skills and develop imagination but also teach.

Electromobility area

We are taking a step into a low-carbon future. At CFS you will learn and experience the possibilities offered by electromobility, and not only from the perspective of climate protection.

Activism area

Here you will meet the activists who inspire you to act and share their experiences. If you want to get involved in climate protection - this is the perfect place to take the first step and sign the petition.

Plant-based area

Plant products have a much lower carbon footprint than those of animal origin. At Summit, you will taste veg products that are appreciated not only by 100% herbivores!

Music calls to action

The culmination of the event is going to be a concert of a famous and pro-ecological artist. Over 70 artists will meet on stage, and the special guests will be Fisz Emade and Misia Furtak.
oxford debate icon

Oxford debate

It is a form of professional discussion in which the teams debate the thesis. During CFS, teams will face the problem of ecological exclusion.

Art area

Summit is also a space for artists. There will be plenty of room at CFS for art that reflects our emotions and fears, including those related to the climate crisis.

Parents area

Summit is also a great place for the whole family. The prepared activities can be used not only by the youngest but also by their parents. We want to create a family-friendly atmosphere by combining education with fun.
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Speakers 2021
Speakers 2021
Dawid Zielinski

Dawid Zieliński

[CEO Columbus]
Martyna Zastawna

Martyna Zastawna

[CEO WoshWosh]
Jakub Małecki

dr Jakub Małecki


prof. Joanna Kulczycka

[President of the Waste Management and Recycling Cluster]

dr Olga Malinkiewicz

[CTO Saule Technologies]
Bart Cywiński

Bart Cywiński

[Development Director at UIG Studio]
Gingger Shankar

Gingger Shankar

[composer, film producer]
Paweł Frelik

prof. Paweł Frelik

[Professor at the University of Warsaw]
Tim Flannery

prof. Tim Flannery

[Chairman of the Climate Council]
Juan Pablo Solis

Juan Pablo Solis

[Senior Advisor Climate and Environment Fairtrade International]
Claudio Geyken

Claudio Geyken

Torben Klitgaard

Torben Klitgaard

dr Karol Sikora

Karol Sikora

[CEO at Neosinga]
Bartosz Dubiński

Bartosz Dubiński

President of the Management Board of the Mazovian Energy Agency]
Anna Wegiel

Anna Węgiel

[CEO Hydropolis]
Paulina Kramarz

dr. hab. Paulina Kramarz

[associate professor of the Jagiellonian University]
Paweł Kotlarski

Paweł Kotlarski

[Associate Director in CBRE]
Paweł Smołka

Paweł Smołka

[International Business Development Manager]
Przemysław Wojak

Przemysław Wojak

[Q&A Communications]

Dr Maciej Kawecki

[Vice-Rector for Innovation and Cooperation, WSB University in Warsaw]
Anna Sadowska

Anna Sadowska

[Wayair Foundation]
Patrycja Maria Drobot

Patrycja Maria Drobot

[Regional City Manager Poland, TIER Mobility]

dr inż. Zsuzsanna Iwanicka

[Chief Ecologist of Bank Ochrony Środowiska]
michal gondek

Michał Gondek

[dyrektor pionu Techniczno - Inwestycyjnego w Columbus Energy S.A.]
Katarzyna Wandas

Katarzyna Wandas

[Specjalistka ds. HR Columbus Energy S.A]
Damian Różycki

Damian Różycki

[Dyrektor ds. Rozwoju w Columbus Energy SA]

dr Joanna Kisielińska-Garncarek

[radca prawny w GESSEL]
Karol Kutek

Krzysztof Kutek

[Dyrektor Pionu Wody w Arcadis Polska]
Adam Targowski

Adam Targowski

[Dyrektor ds. Zrównoważonego Rozwoju w spółce biurowej Skanska w regionie CEE]
Aneta Rusiniak

Aneta Rusiniak

[Associate Dyrektor, Investment Management w firmie Invesco Real Estate. ]
Renata Zukowska

Renata Żukowska

[CEO Advanced Business Solutions Institute]
Rafał Kołłątaj

Rafał Kołłątaj

[wiceprezprezes Columbus Elit S.A]
Pawel Bednarek

Paweł Bednarek

[CEO Columbus Elite S.A]
Janus Kahl

Janus Kahl

[Konsul honorowy Danii, Finlandii i Islandii]
Jacek Kubrak

Jacek Kubrak

[Prezes Zarządu Podkarpackiego Centrum Innowacji Sp. z o.o.]
anna goraczka

Anna Gorączka

[Green Officer - Żabka Polska]
pawel jarczewski

Paweł Jarczewski

[Wiceprezprezes Zarządu Hynfra sp. z.o.o.]
filip grzegorczyk

Filip Grzegorczyk

[Wiceprezes Zarządu Grupy Azoty S.A.]
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Free registration
  •  Fair Job Fairs Partner area
  • Panel discussion
  • Upcycling workshops
  • Electric car ride
  • Art area
  • Sharing area
  • Activism area
  • Plant-based area
  • Oxford debate
  • Book signinig
Entrance ticket
39 PLN

International Conference 8.10.2021

The ticket guarantees access to every activity including free registration and international conference in English.



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Carbon Footprint Summit is not the only activity with a positive footprint. It is also a space for education and discussion about climate change with the experts from this discipline; it is a space for making contacts and for discovering scientific and career paths, and the last one: it is also a space full of inspiration. You have to be there!

How was it last time?
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  • #TECH
  • #FACTS

Organizing CFS 2020 was a real challenge, not only because it was our debut but also because of the sanitary regime we worked under to keep our participants safe. Against all odds, we gathered quite the audience that was with us online and in the venue. Last year’s event was a success. All planned conferences, lectures, and activities went according to the plan. The best proof of our achievement is people we inspired to leave a good trace behind them! 

zespół carbon footprint foundation
summit 2020
summit 2020
What inspired last year?

Carbon Footprint Summit is an event, which will inspire you with responsible practices for your business and the planet. Check out what our last-year partners talked about us:

Too Good To Go logo
CFS 2020 was an inspiring and interesting meeting - we are glad that we could be part of it! The great applause especially for coping with the challenges related to organizing an event in this difficult epidemiological time and with an esthetic and professional setting of an event.
Marcin Tischner
Skanska logo
Climate Summit CFS 2020 is an event, which we will remember for a long time in our minds. We are impressed with the organization of the event, especially this specific year; and the full engagement of volunteers. Partner Area FJF is primarily the great panel discussion and presentations, which we have listened to with pleasure. The whole event takes place in a passive building of Cracovian Hala Karcher (The Center of Disabled People) - due to the architecture of the building it was possible to organize the safety space, and in an easy way enforce the social distancing.
Adam Targowski
Up to the date

Familiarize yourself with the most important references after-conference.


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