Jakub Korczyński i Michał Rypel

Technologia VR i AR
Giant Lazer,
The Climate Lab, podcast "Zrównoważeni"

Presentation topic

From a recycling-related application to a complex climate-awareness project

Speaker description

Jakub is a co-founder of the Giant Lazer VR / AR studio and the Climate Lab project. The promoter of the use of immersion technologies in education and industry. Speaker at international industry events and associate of the WSB University in Wrocław. As part of The Climate Lab, he coordinates business networking for climate awareness, co-creates the "Zrównoważeni" podcast and coordinates work on applications devoted to the topic of climate change.Michał is a communication specialist @ Giant Lazer, as well as a radio speaker and local animator of social events. At The Climate Lab, he is responsible for creating the podcast "Zrównoważeni", and promoting content related to climate change and environmental protection.

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