Juan Pablo Solis

Juan Pablo Solis

Ecologic economy and Sustainable Development
Fairtrade International
human rights, genderm value chains, green buisness, landscape restoration, microfinance and sustainable development goals
15 lat

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[Day 1]
10:25 - 11.00

Global emissions trading for climate and fair cooperation between North and South countries [online]

Speaker description

 economist holding a Magister Scientae in Economic Policies with minor in Ecologic Economy and Sustainable Development by the International Centre for Economic Policies of the National University in Costa Rica. My interest in sustainable development have taken me to complement my academic background with specialized courses in human rights, gender, value chains, green business, landscape restoration, microfinance and sustainable development goals. I have more than 15 years of working experience strengthening capacities with vulnerable peoples of Africa, Latin America and Asia. Currently I work as Senior Advisor Climate and Environment at Fairtrade International. I’m Costa Rican living in Germany.

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